Monday, March 5, 2007

Clip Art, Photos, Buttons, and Backgrounds...Oh My!

Clip Art and Photo Links

Awesome Clipart for Kids
American Memory Collections
Classroom Clip Art
Clipart Gallery
CyberSleuth Kids
Discovery School Clip Art Gallery
DK's Free Clip Art
Garst Photographic Collection
KidsClick Image Search Tools
Free Black/White Clip Art
Teacher Files Clip Art
Smithsonian Photo Archives
Time Life Photo Site
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Image Library

Icons and Buttons

Eos Web Art
Icons and Clip Art for Educators

Web Backgrounds

Color Lines and Bars
Julianne's Textures
Pat's Web Graphics
Vertical Bars


The Tour Marm said...

Thanks for all the neat resources!

I have over 4000 images in my personal picture archives. I've simply been putting in a search topic and going from there. Sometimes I write about the illustration!

I'm careful not to infringe on copyright, most of my images are over 100 years old so they are in the public domain. In fact, if it has anything to do with the government, it is in the public domain.

I also download my weekly Dover Publications offerings. They have a sampler I take full advantage of, but I have also bought some of their CD Rom books.

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