Friday, June 29, 2007

Scholarly Writing

One way educators improve our profession is by publishing in scholarly and other types of magazines. How can the public get a true picture of education if classroom teachers don’t enter the publishing arena?

Atlantic Monthly is a great mainstream magazine that many people, not just educators, read. Experts usually advise that you check out actually copies of the magazines or their online versions before you make send in a submission so that you get the “feel” of what they are looking for. Atlantic Monthly’s submission page will tell you everything you need to know concerning a submission.

The Social Studies is a peer reviewed journal written by k-12 teachers, teacher educators, and curriculum administrators. A subscription that allows you to receive the print journal as well as have online access is $60 per year. The website states, “The journal welcomes articles that present new directions, options, or approaches.” You can submit online as long as your manuscript is double-spaced, and if references are used you utilize the Chicago Manual of Style. You also have to submit a letter stating that your submission is being submitted to The Social Studies exclusively. Complete manuscript submission guidelines can be found here.

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