Monday, July 2, 2007

What Do Teachers Make?

We need teachers who will stand up for themselves and their profession in this manner (well, perhaps without taking God's name in vain...).

Seriously....I'm tired of teachers having to take the sole blame for society's ills. It's nice to see someone giving as well as they get.


SavRed said...


Love it!

30plusteacher said...

Yep....wouldn't you just love to go off on somebody like that.

Ya know those people that like to tell me that they don't like it because I have the entire summer off with nothing to do need a rant like this. Maybe I'll have to think of one that includes the college course I'm taking, the professional development meetings I have to attend, the room I have to move and set up all over again, and the curriculum I have to write.

Yeah, my feet are up and I'm poppin' bonbons into my mouth as we speak.

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